Guidance if you have never done hot yoga before ( and also if you have done it earlier ):

  1. Drink more water than usual during the day and then come to the class.
  2. Avoid eating 2 hours before class starts
  3. Arrive 15 min before the class starts for formalities and a small briefing with the teacher
  4. Bring a water bottle, yoga mat and 2 towels. You can also rent towel and mat ( 10 kr ) or buy mat ( 300 kr ) and towel ( 150 kr ) from us.
  5. Avoid leaving the room during the 75 minutes class, instead take it easy, sit down or lay down and breath calmly in and out through the nose to relax your fight or flight autonomic nervous system.
  6. No need to pace yourself.......instead ..... the first 5 times you practice hot yoga, you can slowly get used to the heat and the body you have these days of your unique life.
  7. You might feel dizzy and nausea, embrace it as part of the cleaning process.
  8. Enjoy yourself with the body that you have today and accept that you might not going to have fun but rather a wake up call for personal challenges, self reflection  and growth to make you strong on the inside and soft on the outside. 
  9. Drink a lot of water after class because you will most probably sweat.
  10. Do not expect instant  benefits, instead try to come very often the first 30 days and  the healing will for sure begin.
  • Is it your first time in our studio, then just show up 15 min before class.  No need to book. We have space for you. If you have questions, please send a message on Facebook or below. 
Email again: